Reupholster Seats in a TR6

Don’t blink, this time lapse video rips through how to strip and reupholster seats in a Triumph TR6. I wish it really took this long.


TR6 Barn Find! That’s a lot of Dust!

Take a look at this…that’s a lot of dust! I wonder how long this car has been sitting? Comes with a Hard Top and what looks like a stab wound on the front left quarter panel.

The TR6 in Hollywood

Did you know the TR6 has been featured in many Movies and TV Shows? This Lo-Fi website chronicles it’s appearances including “Parenthood”, “CHiP’s”, “Get Him to the Greek”, “The Brady Bunch”, “Baretta”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “Throw Momma from the Train”, “Year of the Dragon”, and many more. Screenshots included.



Romance and the TR6

This is a fantastic feature story involving the TR6 from Petrolicious. The pictures are stunning and its well written.

Make sure you view all 4 pages, really well done and reminds me why for 25 years this was “the” car I had to have. It’s also, no joke, the first roadster my wife ever “approved” of.

Click the image to read.

“Triumph Makes Romance Easier”

Story and Photography by Dave Burnett for Petrolicious

Triumph TR6